Automobile Liability Insurance

If you are at fault for causing an auto accident, you may be financially responsible for the losses and damages of the other people involved. The other party may file a claim or a lawsuit against you and you may have to pay for the property damage you cause, you may also have to pay for the medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering of any injured person. Obviously, the costs of such a circumstance could be a lot of money.


Auto liability insurance is not only going to protect others, but it's going to protect your assets if your are deemed at fault for causing an auto accident. Liability insurance protects your major assets like your home, savings, and future wages; all of which may be taken to pay for the losses you are responsible to cover.


Wisconsin is a mandatory state. You must carry liability insurance and keep proof of insurance in your car.


Information on Physical Damage Coverage here.

Did you know? You can get coverage even if you have experienced losses